Maid of Honor: Catherine DeLoach Cathy Catherine is my older, but younger looking, sister. She's also known as 'Mater Pie. I've always been able to be my goofiest around her and she makes me feel like I'm the funniest person on the planet because she always laughs at my jokes. She is extremely kind-hearted & I love her to pieces.

Bridesmaid: Brittany
Brittany & I met on the first day of homeroom in sixth grade. Since that day, we've created many fantastic and also embarrassing memories together (for example, possibly the one above?). She's my best friend and I wouldn't trade a single one of those embarrassing moments for anything in the world.

Bridesmaid: Kate Hardeman Guthrie Kate Kate & I thought we first met in fifth grade through Girl Scouts. We found out years later we were in the same summer day camp group when we were about 8 years old. Small world, eh? We've been through a lot, from her hearing me break my ankle in Switzerland (literally, she heard the crack) to countless random dance parties when we were roommates. This girl is the best. She's family & I'm lucky she's such an important part of my life.

Bridesmaid: Sarah Cutler Pritchard Sarah Sarah & I met through my friend & her now-husband, Adam, when they started dating. One of the first things I realized about Sarah is how giving and generous she is. She's always welcomed me into her home, invited me to dinner & told me not to bring anything (except maybe dessert, hah) then sent me home with more leftovers & cute clothes than I knew what to do with. She's a fantastic friend & I truly cherish our friendship.

Best Man: Corey Ware Corey2 I met Corey while I was attending the University of Florida down in Gainesville, FL. He lived in the same dorm as my fellow groomsman Solomon Mullins and down the hall from another groomsman Anthony Rojas. Corey has always been the voice of reason and the whisper of dissent. We, along with Anthony and Solomon, have shared a number of adventures and new experiences.

Groomsman: Robert DeLoach Robert Robert and I first met at the Baskin Robbins on Ponce de Leon Avenue. It was not a planned encounter, but it was a pleasant one, nonetheless. He will always be my older brother-in-law, but I will always be taller. I am excited to have Robert as a member of my family, and to be joining his.

Groomsman: Solomon Mullins Solo1 Solomon has always been our catalyst for excitement. We met in Gainesville as we were both starting our college experience. He has always been one of my closest friends and confidants. I am overjoyed he will be there to share this great experience with me.

Groomsman: Anthony Rojas Tony1 Anthony is an enigma written in Spanish. You never quite know what's going through his mind, but you know his actions will be well thought out and intended. He is another one of my school chums, and I am equally excited to have him and all my groomsmen there on September 10th.